Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET OPITO) & EBS

This course is designed and conducted according to OPITO Approved Standards with EBS.

Theoretical & practical training in helicopter safety & sea survival skills & techniques, plus practical training in underwater helicopter egress.

Aims & Objectives

To provide passengers and aircrew with the knowledge and skills necessary to react to and survive a helicopter ditching and to be able to care for themselves in a sea survival situation.

On completion, delegates will be able to demonstrate competence in theory and practice of the following:

  1. Surface Abandonment,
  2. Pre ditching checks,
  3. Ditching – aircraft capsize,
  4. Lifejackets,
  5. Life rafts,
  6. EPIRB’s & ELT’s,
  7. Safe use of pyrotechnics,
  8. Search & Rescue (SAR),
  9. Recovery,
  10. Sea Survival,
  11. Helicopter Safety.


All delegates must complete at least (3) unassisted escapes from the helicopter module & complete a questionnaire in order to pass the course.

Pre requisite

Delegates must hold a valid and current medical certificate in accordance with:

If non-marine industry personnel – Industry Standards.

If marine industry personnel – As per-SOLAS chapter 9.

Method of Training

Marine & Offshore can conduct this course ON-SITE anywhere utilising a hotel swimming pool or similar (Minimum depth requirement two (2) metres).

Course Duration:

One (1) day

Certificate Validity Period:

Four (4) years

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