Dangerous Goods by Air (initial)

As a result of studying the course, you will be able to:

  • Properly apply the Dangerous Goods Transport Rules
  • Understand the legal aspects and responsibilities of shippers, agents and airlines involved in the transport of dangerous goods
  • Identify and classify individual items related to dangerous goods
  • Ensure that the goods are securely packed and marked.
  • Fill out and check the “Dangerous Goods Sender Declaration”
  • Fill in the Air Waybill in accordance with accepted IATA rules and procedures
  • Provide shipment of airline dangerous goods


  • Introduction as to why delegates are taking the course
  • Introduction to the UN Classification system, including hazard and handling labels
  • General philosophy, including introduction to the IATA/ICAO Regulations
  • Training and responsibilities
  • Hidden dangerous goods
  • Dangerous goods list
  • Packing instructions
  • UN approved packaging, including UN spec codes
  • Package marking and labelling, including ‘OVERPACKS’ and Limited Quantities
  • Documentation, to include Shippers Declaration, acceptance check list and NOTOC
  • The storage, loading and segregation of Dangerous Goods
  • Notifying onward destinations about incoming Dangerous Goods
  • Accident and incident procedures

Target Audience

  • Personnel of international air cargo agents dealing with cargo
  • Sales and marketing staff for freight agents and consolidators
  • Airline sales, reservation and reception staff
  • The staff of wholesalers, importers and exporters, working in the field of shipments
  • Staff of cargo agents, airlines and manufacturers who wish to improve or update their knowledge of the rules and procedures for the transport of dangerous goods

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