Basic Offshore Sea Survival (SSV)

Aims & Objectives

To provide delegates with the knowledge and confidence to assist in their survival in the event of an emergency offshore with the proper use of available emergency equipment.

Course Content

On the completion of this activity, delegates will be able to demonstrate a competence in the theory and practice of the following:

  1. Donning of a permanent buoyancy lifejacket prior to use in an emergency
  2. Fitting of a helicopter rescue device and correct body posture during winching
  3. Water entry (stepping off poolside, maximum 1m height) and the precautions to be taken when entering the water
  4. Individual and group sea survival techniques, to include: swimming, getting into HELP position, wave-slap protection, towing, chain, huddle and circle
  5. Boarding a marine life raft from the water


Delegates are required to pass an assessment of practical skills in swimming pool

Pre requisite

Delegates must be medically cleared prior to attending this course

Method of Training

Theoretical part of the course will be conducted in classroom and practical exercises in swimming pool

Course Duration:

4 (four) hours

Certificate Validity Period:

Three (3) years.

Maximum attendant group size


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