Aircraft Ditching Course

This program is designed to provide all aircraft crew traveling over water with the knowledge and skills necessary to react to an aircraft-ditching emergency, care for themselves in a sea survival situation, and to participate to the maximum extent in their rescue.


  • Hazards to aircraft and personnel during over water operations
  • Safety and survival equipment requirements and utilization
  • Pre-ditching considerations and procedures
  • Emergency ditching and evacuation procedures
  • Upright emergency evacuation (practical)
  • Survival and rescue water skills (practical)
  • Off angle emergency evacuation (practical)
  • Underwater escape training using the Underwater Egress Trainer (UET) or for mobile applications the Aircraft Ditching Egress Practical Trainer (ADEPT) (practical)
  • Optional: Firefighting component
  • Optional: Rescue/recovery training – helicopter rescue at sea simulation (practical)
  • Optional: Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS)


One (1) day.

Вход в личный кабинет