LLP “Standard Transit” for more than 5 years has been developing advanced training programs, initial and recurring courses.

Our company is a team of professionals, in partnership with Total Response Solutions (TRS) Canada www.trscanada.ca leading by the first KCAC certified female pilot and sole proprietor Dinara Zhurkabaeva,  initiated a  unique project of a multidisciplinary training center in Atyrau.

Our potential clients are state-owned and private oil & gas companies, Ministries of Defence, Rescue Committees of Kazakhstan and the CIS, Europe and Asian countries.

UN Sustainable Development Goals


Purpose of the project – Creation of a multifunctional training center with international accreditation by OPITO standards, on the initial and recurring courses for the employees of oil & gas companies, professional rescuers, helicopter emergency hoist operators, cabin and flight crew of air companies.



The project is initiated by Dinara Zhurkabayeva, CEO and sole proprietor of a company, the first in Kazakhstan female pilot with the KCAC license of MI-8 helicopter, ex-base manager with 200 employees and 9 aircraft.



30 new jobs will be created in the local market with an average salary of 330 thousand tenge.



New sustainable building of 1800 m2 will be constructed under this project.

The training complex will be consisting of:

Swimming pool 25х14х5 (m) with special equipment (overhead-crane of 5 tones capacity for fixed helicopter cabin, wave generator with the 1.8 m height, smoke blowing guns for artificial fog, water sprays, wind blower, light and sound generators) for imitation of extreme weather conditions (storm, fog, thunderstorm);

Tower with the platform on the 1,2,5,7 и 10 m height for safe training of jumps into the water;

Aviation simulator systems (real size helicopter cabins).

Training center will be positioned as an international progressive center for special, exploration and teaching programs of emergency rescue services and manufacturers of emergency rescue equipment.



It is planned to make a sharing agreement with experienced foreign partners with the TRS Canada trustful reputation and joint use of their clients’ base.

TRS is the emergency-rescue and training company, specialized in providing professional aviation lifesavers for SAR operations, developing and implementation of security control systems.

Video/ Derek Rogers – Manager TRS is introducing joint project Training Center in Atyrau :